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Internet Built for Speed

8:53PM April 23, 2018

Kent Fehribach

Seems like the real issue for some of us here is that this is highly focused on fiber, and to be honest I don't think you'll ever roll fiber down Burke Hollow or many other areas unless an almighty sub division goes in, understandably. But what about the fixed wireless solutions, how much investment is being made in those solutions and are there opportunities for pockets of residents to do some form of GoFundMe to help get something located in their area? What are the limitations of the fixed wireless solutions? For example, how far off your existing network can those sites be? How many homes need to be connected to make it economically viable for United? For some of us it is about trying to understand if this is all hype except for those in high density areas or if there should be any real reason for hope to move above .72 MB of upload speed. Even if we had some tower and then had to do some Ubiquity solutions to get it out to individual homes...