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9:40AM August 21, 2018

Joshua Messer

I have Fiber literally at the end of my road 3 houses from mine... Is there any way to get these guys out here to hook it up? There might be 15 houses left on my road and that area would be complete... i just don't understand why we only have 2 United personnel capable of running fiber... I have been waiting 4 almost 5 years with them telling us just sign up and get your neighborhood signed up... well we are all signed up and waiting... i would like to get some feed back on progress and given some type of timeline...

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12:42PM August 21, 2018

United Communications
Mr. Messner, We are in the process of extending fiber service along US-31A. Phase 1 of this fiber expansion is scheduled to be completed later this fall. This is the first step to in a multi-step process to be able to deliver fiber service to your street. Right now, the fiber you see at the cross street is feeder fiber, and is not capable of servicing additional customers. In order to bring fiber to your street, new fiber construction will be required. We are in the process of revising the goal zone/area so that it will require fewer pre-registrations to meet the goal and build your area with fiber. If you have questions, please email