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4:50PM October 02, 2018

Jason Farley

any update of FIBER in Belfast going 431 south towards Talley? i have seen new poles go up with orange markers for lines to be attached to. it's not that far to the end of the service area down this main road. maybe 4.8 miles and you will pick up at least 10-14 new subscribers per mile. maybe we'll have better luck this way getting Charter to extend their cable coverage and i can switch to them.

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10:45PM November 19, 2018

Jason Farley
How do i get you guys to run fiber just 4.8 miles in Belfast from the central office down 431 south to Talley? A MAIN ROAD? WE ARE IN AN UNDER SERVED AREA! WE CAN'T EVEN GET CABLE TELEVISION. this is beyond frustrating to see you expand into suburban areas before you served more of the smaller communities.