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Internet Built for Speed

Internet + Voice

UniFi GIG w/ phone

Download: up to 1,000 Mbps
Upload: up to 500 Mbps
Unlimited Data- No Caps
No Contracts
*Does not include applicable taxes and fees

UniFi 600

  • Fiber Internet with speeds up to 600 mbps download / 300 mbps upload
  • Crystal-Clear Voice and calling features

Internet + TV + Voice

UniFi 300 Triple Play

UniFi 300M Fiber Internet

Digital Essential Channel Line up

Phone with Calling Features

Add ons: Preferred channel line-up, Premium Channels, HD & DVR services


E-bill & Autopay enrollment required

UniFi Gig Triple Play

UniFi Gig Internet
Digital Essential Channel Line-up
Phone and calling features

Add-ons: Preferred channel lineup, Premium channels, HD and DVR services

Additional Residential Internet Options

UniFi 300

Speeds up to 300Mbps up

Speeds up to 300Mbps down

No Data Cap - No Contract

Price does not include applicable taxes and fees

UniFi 300

Download speeds up to 300 mbps

Upload speeds up to 300 mbps

Unlimited data-No caps

No contracts

*Price does not include applicable taxes and fees


UniFi 1 Gig

Speeds up to 1 Gig Download

Speed up to 500 Download

No Data Caps - No Contracts

Price does not include applicable taxes and fees

UConnect Bundles

Download speeds from 3mbps up to 50mbps

Max Speeds not available in all areas

No Data Caps

United WiFi

AmpliFi Router

802.11ac dual-band technology

WiFi access up to 1 GIGABIT per second

Optimized browsing on your desktop, notebook, tablet, smartphone, or other WiFi devices.

StratiFi Managed WiFi

Cloud-based management and easy to install access points

Extends WiFi coverage throughout the home

Includes 2 access points- each additional unit $5/month

Business Solutions

Business Internet

Fiber Optic Broadband, Fixed Wireless Internet, Private Ethernet

Internet speeds from 25mbps up to 10 Gig

No Data Caps

Business Voice

Business Phone Plans

Long Distance Services


Hosted PBX


SIP Trunks